Gourmet Picnics To Go in Paris

Jorge’s Surprise Proposal and Picnic for Carina

Jorge’s Surprise Proposal and Picnic for Carina

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Jorge knew right from the start that he not only wanted to surprise Carina with photos of their proposal but also with a gourmet picnic from Picnics Paris. From Carina’s reactions, I think we pulled of both surprises perfectly! Read on to hear more of their story. Cheers, Justin.

“We truly have no words to express our gratitude to you, Lindsey, for taking such wonderful pictures at the Surprise Proposal and later at the picnic. The surprise Romantic Gourmet Picnic arranged by Chef Justin was the cherry on top of an incredible cake. After the surprise proposal Jorge had invited Carina to what she thought would be a Michelin star restaurant and Lindsey walked along to help show the way. Little did Carina know that, in the Champs de Mars close to the Eiffel Tower, a private spot was awaiting with the surprise picnic. The composition was so beautifully presented; from the heart sign with our names in lavender, to the printed personalized picnic menu to the content and the rustic beauty of it. The salmon, the green salad, the cheeses, foie gras, Champagne, not to mention the best dessert we ever had: The berry panna cotta! Lindsey even captured the cork flying when Jorge popped the Champagne! The photos have such meaning now. Looking back, seeing our facial expressions, it gives us the ability to relive the words that were spoken and the emotions we felt at that time. It’s an invaluable treasure to have that moment captured in photos. I would never have dreamt of having such a personal moment captured by a stranger, but now that I have this treasure I am so grateful and blessed that my amazing fiance had the courage to arrange such a beautfiul and memorable surprise. Your friendly professionalism made it all feel like you were one of our dear friends, who just happened to be there to take the photos. You and Justin have a true gift for delivering such high quality and sincere experience. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” – Carina & Jorge

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