Gourmet Picnics To Go in Paris

Sue & Lucy’s proposal & picnic in Paris!

Sue & Lucy’s proposal & picnic in Paris!

[column col=”1/3″]Sue and Lucy web res-37[/column] “Thank you so much, Lindsey and Justin ‘Chef Kent’! We could have never imagined a more perfect proposal experience. From the unbelievable food to the fabulous photographs, everything was top notch quality. Both of you are a joy to be around and work with, and we felt so at ease throughout the whole process. Our day was so special and now we can look back at the photographs and remember all the special details that made our day so unforgettable. Our friends and family loved being able to see such special moments, and share in our joy – we received so much love and support from those who saw the photos. We’ll treasure having these memories of our engagement for years to come! Without a doubt, we recommend Pictours Paris and Picnics in Paris!” – Sue & Lucy

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  • January 19, 2013 10:57 am by Giuseppe Pagnoni I don’t know if it’s the eerie feeling of a human river fodloing from the upper left corner into the underground, but I find this picture very impressive! Congratulations

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