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Restaurant Rundown; Bistro D’Henri

Restaurant Rundown; Bistro D’Henri

Bistro-DHenri-Picnics-in-Paris-2-300x225Le Bistro d’Henri, one of my favorite restaurants in Paris!

Having been a cook here in Paris over the last few years, I’m often asked about my favorite places and where I would recommend people go for a great meal. Le Bistro d’Henri is one of the first places that I recommend every time! Tucked away on Rue Princess in the 6th arrondissement near the St. Sulpice church you’ll find a fun little street and definitely one or our favorite places to eat!

When my wife, Lindsey, and I first moved to Paris we had a hard time finding great places to eat. More often than not, we’d end up in some terrible bistro having a bad meal. Shortly after we arrived, my mother came over and took us to some of her favorite places. My mother is French and lived here in Paris. One of the first places she took us to was Bistro d’Henri. I was blown away that I was getting great food, made in house, for the same price if not less than many of the places Lindsey and I had been visiting. We now know that many of the bistros in Paris serve pre-made, frozen dishes that they simply reheat and throw on a plate. Le Bistro d’Henri doesn’t do any of that!

There’s a lot to love about Bistro d’Henri, the ambiance is what I always imagined Paris Bistros to be like and they have many typical french dishes on the menu: Bone Marrow, Foie Gras and Beef bourguignon to name a few. On top of their regular menu, they have a number of daily specials available as well.

Bistro-DHenri-Picnics-in-Paris-8-225x300A couple of their signature dishes are a 7-hour braised lamb shank with a prune sauce and potatoes dauphinoise, and a duck breast brushed with honey and roasted potatoes. Both of which are delicious.

Another great thing that you’ll find at Bistro d’Henri and not all over Paris is a super friendly staff! From the moment you walk in the door, you’ll be kindly greeted, seated and served!

Recently my wife and I had dinner there with some friends of ours who haven’t been. They’ve been living in Paris for 3 years and were pretty sad that they were only just now finding out about this great bistro. It was a great opportunity for us to try a number of their dishes, lentils, endive salad, steak, duck confits, scallops and sea bass. We all left full and very happy.

If you’re looking to go to Le Bistro d’Henri, here’s their contact info:

Le Bistro d’Henri
16 Rue Princess, 75006 Paris
+33 (0)1 46 33 51 12
Open 7 days a week, lunch from 12:00PM to 3:00PM and dinner from 7:00PM to 9:00PM

Last minute bookings are generally not a problem

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