Gourmet Picnics To Go in Paris

Christine’s Surprise Birthday Picnic for a friend!

Christine’s Surprise Birthday Picnic for a friend!

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“We wanted to have a surprise birthday lunch for a very special friend and what better way to do it than to have a picnic on the Champs de Mars. The Gourmet Picnic set up by Chef Justin Kent of was just fantastic! I coordinated with Chef Kent on what I wanted to have for the picnic and was surprised when he added a few more items I didn’t ask for. Everything was fresh and just delicious (especially the pate/Greek salad he made). We even got customized cupcakes from Bertie’s CupCakery that he picked up for us for the picnic. The wine/champagne was really nice and we all enjoyed everything in the basket. He was professional and was very pleasant to work with. The picnic basket and silverware/glassware was a nice touch to a picnic in the park since you would usually eat out of paper plates and plastic cups. Thanks Justin for making it possible for us to have a great birthday picnic in Paris!” – Christine

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